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Paul Weller- Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar


At school Paul heard 'Eton Rifles' and wanted to play drums, but they gave him a violin.  He then bought 'Under A blood Red Sky' and begged Santa for a guitar.  Chords turned into songs and he formed his first band.  He sacked the singer, so was forced to sing himself.


The rest wasn't rock 'n' roll history.  It was empty London venues on a Wednesday night.  But it was fun!


Paul's influences include Tom Waits for the songs, Nick Cave for the voice, Morrissey for the lyrics, The Edge / Graham Coxon for guitar and Joe Strummer for the attitude...

Dave H - Lead Guitar

Bio coming soon, he promises!

Charlie Tofts - Bass Guitar


With the Beatles 'Please Please Me' being the first album owned and not borrowed from his dad's collection, Charlie has always had an ear for decent music.  This spiralled into a continuous discovery of 'classic' artists both old and new, and opened his eyes to the world of music.


Bass guitar was the last slot in his friends goth rock band, and this led to an imminent purchase of his first bass and amp.  A few gigs, purchases and day trips to guitar shows meant he was officially a bass guitarist.


Charlie has a versatile taste in music, ranging from blues through to funk and jazz and he's always keen to listen to new genres and learn new styles of playing.

Andy Wilkins - Drums

Andy began thrashing out the beats at the age of 13, following an impressionable meeting with the late Keith Moon on the set of the rock opera 'Tommy'.


He has played in various bands since then, both in England and France, most notably in Portsmouth ('Orange Spectator'), Canterbury ('The Electric Turds'), Malvern ('96 Tears', 'The Projectors', 'The Night Trippers' and 'Med Snooks and the Good Scratch') in France ('The Vin Catz' and 'Like A Blues Machine') and since back in the UK ('illegal2dance', 'The Synthetix', 'The Doors Experience' and 'Waiting For Katherine').


Heavily into the Brit sound of the last four decades, Andy is still rueing the demise of The Smiths...



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